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Ester Baruffaldi                     organization manager

Federica Corneli                   graphic designer

Massimiliano Dellamaria       set-up arrangement

Francesco Liggieri                curator

Filippo Lorenzin                     art director





No Title Gallery 2011-2015
About our story and projects
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No Title Gallery is an artistic and curatorial project, whose aim is promoting young Italian quality artists through exhibitions and a web site. Born as an online gallery (www.notitlegallery.com), the project becomes real with exhibitions and cultural events, hosted in places and non-places of the urban environment, keeping a strong connection to the city of Venice, the main operative site.

Its double nature, virtual and real, is both the peculiarity and the strong point of No Title Gallery. The virtual side is

an online gallery, which shows Italian young artists, selected according to quality criteria. A strongly visual approach

characterizes the website, a neutral and essential virtual space, which gathers and endorses the works of each artist,

providing basic information about both the artist and the artwork. The lack of a fixed and real location happens to be

the most important positive aspect of No Title Gallery, who can activate the real side of the project collaborating with

different realities, experimenting new kinds of set-ups in uncommon location for an art exhibit, building strong and

fruitful ties with institutions, curators, partners and, of course, artists.

They are actually the core of No Title Gallery’s activity, which is definitely artist-oriented: we work to conceive exhibitions aiming to underline the works of each artists, thanks to appropriate set-ups, curatorship and promotion, both in the virtual and the real side of the project. This leads to a completely free participation of each artist to the various activity of No Title Gallery, which are absolutely


Cultural Association No Title Gallery, via Isonzo 12, Pramaggiore (VE), C.F. 92035740270